Investment Strategy

SWC follows a disciplined investment philosophy which results in superior returns for our investors. We see value where others do not, and we do not shy away from a contrarian investment thesis.

We are special situations specialists and sector agnostic

Our track record

Shows that we are able to get transactions done and meet the goals of the stakeholders involved.

Our focus

Private Investments: Medium sized companies with revenues from €100m to €1,500m in the Western European Region.

Public Investments: Sizeable and profitable business with Enterprise Values between €600m and €1,200m.

Special situations


Companies that are overleveraged due to aggressive growth plans or a large acquisition price

Our approach

Capital increase and equity kicker to old debt holders/shareholders. Debt restructuring and capital injection, allowing for an adequate upside for the key stakeholders


Companies that have remained out of the money for [6+] years

Our approach

Facilitate a partial liquidity event / exit for the financial sponsor. Definition of new strategic plan and establishment of a new incentive scheme for management


Profitable non-core divisions within large conglomerates that need to divest due to shareholders / banks pressure at holding level.

Our approach

Identify the real profitability of the standalone business.
Identify areas which had suffered from neglect or other constrains. Create face saving win-win exit for corporates

shareholders disputes

Companies whose strategy is blocked due to shareholders with misaligned incentives and/or a very spread control.

Our approach

Partial exit for shareholders.
Solutions for capital constraints.
Alignment of management and investors interests.

Distressed assets

Companies facing financial distress, declining markets, or profitability issues

Our approach

Debt restructuring to improve or restore liquidity.
Restructuring / turnaround plans Diversification strategies

Our experience allows us to bring value at every stage


Using our vast network and reputation to find the best targets.

Our average annual deal flow has been 370 opportunities in our core regions over the last decade.


Our extensive experience allows us to create value on the buy by offering good solutions in complex situations.

Management of risk through staggered capital injections over time based on key milestones.

Delivering upside

Our operational and transactional know-how helps to grow the target significantly.

Hands-on approach focused on unlocking value and improving profitability.


Identification and evaluation of exit strategies: IPO, strategic buyer, secondary sale, management buy-out.

Developing equity story.